Joe Au Ieong is a new media designer from Hong Kong, who is the first generation that grew up with the internet in the golden 80s. He has been working in the new media design field for over 10 years, and was the previous Senior Art Director in TBWA Hong Kong. In late 2008, he co-founded his company, Why Interactive, with his partner, Kevin Wong, aiming to provide custom-made, interactive solutions, that blends awesome visual design and impressive user experience.
Joe likes finding inspirations from daily life and turning human needs into creative idea. His design is known for his minimal and casual style, with good sense of humour. His works had gained many local and international design awards and media coverage over the years. In 2013, his series of experimental, interactive e-card design had been exhibited in the “Hong Kong Design/Styles” exhibition held in Taiwan. In 2014, he advanced his great works and won several awards in the Global Design Awards 2013, held by the Hong Kong Design Association. Besides working as the Art Director in his own company, he is also a guest columnist, writing about new media design in a local magazine.
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